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Education, Training & Resources

Looking for some fresh, healthy recipes to serve, or tips for encouraging physical activity? Please feel free to download the following materials, created to help you keep your charges happy and healthy.CAC Food Program


Eating Through Meal Patterns
Best Practices
Verified Foods That Meet New Pattern
Compare - Before and After October 1
Grain-based Dessert Guide
Infant Meal Pattern
Serving Milk in the CACFP
Yogurt Sugar Worksheet
Cereal Sugar Worksheet
Sunshine Dressing
51 Healthy Snack Ideas
Build a Healthy Plate with Whole Grains
CACFP Meal Pattern Implementation Library
Nutrition Database -
Foods Education Database -

CACFP FORMS                                                                   
2016-2017 Dear Parent for Tier II Homes
2016-2017 Dear Provider for Tier I Providers
Building for the Future
CACFP Milk Requirements
Change Form
Food Chart Color
Infant Menu for Posting
Infant Menu for Submission
Minute Menu Helper Form
Dietary Restriction Substitution Statement
WIC Flyer

25 Healthy Snacks for Kids
Color Your Plate with Salad

Cooking Meat
How Much Do You Eat?
Lunch & Dinner Ideas
Snack Ideas
Tips for Feeding Young Children

Maine Roads to Quality/CACFP

Building a Lasagna Garden
Gardening in Containers

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As always, if we can be of any help, don’t hesitate to contact us.  And thanks for partnering with us to serve healthy meals for all Maine children.