A father, mother and son, all smiling. Our Functional Famiy Therapy services help families develop stronger relationships.
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Functional Family Therapy

FFTWho We Are

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a short-term, evidence-based program that is offered in your home or office based setting, whichever is more comfortable for your family. FFT therapists are licensed Master’s level clinicians who receive on-going, specialized training through FFT, LLC and are held to the highest fidelity standards to promote successful treatment outcomes. Additionally, the program receives monthly consultation and support from a national FFT, LLC consultant.

How FFT Can Help

Participation in FFT services will help you:

  • Create better relationships with your family
  • Learn better ways to manage anger and resolve problems without fighting
  • Improve communications between family members
  • Build trust and respect within your family
  • Prevent or reduce involvement within the juvenile justice system

How It Works

FFTFFT is a 3-phase therapeutic intervention with specific goals for each phase. As the goals are met, the family transitions to the next treatment phase. The program typically consists of 12 to 16 sessions with additional sessions available for more complex needs. With consistent and regular participation, the program can often be completed within 4 to 5 months.

Treatment objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Understand the issues your family is struggling with
  • Reduce negativity, hostility and blaming between family members, while providing hope that change is possible
  • Find specific ways to change the problems/behaviors that are challenges to your family
  • Use specific techniques and build upon your family’s strengths to increase functioning in your family
  • Develop a plan to prevent relapse into problem behavioral patterns
  • Find and/or develop supports to maintain the positive changes made in therapy


FFT is offered to families with youth aged 11-18 who are struggling with social, emotional, or behavioral issues within a 50-mile radius of our Auburn, Bangor and Fairfield sites.


“We were very hesitant to invite a therapist into our home. Our FFT therapist went at our pace and she came to us, which is the only way we could have attended sessions. She has earned the trust of our entire family. Each member approaches her as they need and even the grumpy teenagers look forward to her coming! She has helped us through some very painful times this year and we are deeply grateful. FFT is how therapy should be delivered.”