Donation Handler, Greater Portland - Parish Social Ministry

Related Program: Parish Social Ministry

(Parishes throughout the Greater Portland Region, and Threads of Hope Thrift Store in Portland)

Position Description: The Donations Handler will pick up the items in the Threads of Hope donation boxes located at Greater Portland area parishes, and transport them to the Threads of Hope Thrift Store on St. John Street in Portland, ME. Sites involved are St. Pius X Church, The Chancery, The Cathedral, and St. Peter's Church, all located in Portland.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Arrange with church contact a pick up time, assuring that the church will be open.
  • Carry items from Threads of Hope box to vehicle.  Items may be in boxes, plastic bags, or loose.
  • Drive items to Threads of Hope Thrift Store on St. John Street.
  • Bring items into store.

Impact of Opportunity: Catholic Charities Maine runs many programs in Maine to serve vulnerable people. The programs range from mental health/alcohol/drug counseling, food programs, elderly programs, and child development programs.  Proceeds from the Threads of Hope Thrift Stores help to provide funds for these programs.  The Threads of Hope Thrift Store also provides job opportunities for people who have difficulties in the job market.  The store turns the donations to saleable items to help financially support the programs.

Qualifications & Skills Required:

  • Since driving is involved, the handler needs to be at least 21 years old and have a clean driving record.
  • Ability to lift 20-30 lbs.
  • Ability to communicate with contacts.
  • Ability to pick up boxes within time frames needed (weekly to monthly)

Training Offered: Catholic Charities Maine Volunteer Orientation

Time Commitment/Schedule: 1-2 hours per week, full year


  • Meet new people.
  • Sense of being needed (boxes fill up and need emptying)
  • Sense of contributing to a bigger picture (one small task helps the whole state of Maine)

Program Contact: Susan McGaulley, or (207) 523-1161

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