Lobby Attendant - Support & Recovery Services

Related Program: Support & Recovery Services

Catholic Charities Maine
Support and Recovery Services
66 State St.
Portland, ME 04104

Type(s) of Volunteer(s) Needed: Individuals

Position Description: The lobby attendant volunteers as an office greeter who welcomes clients and informs staff of their arrival.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Greet ACT clients as they come into the office; ask their name and who they are here to see
  • Record on clipboard the date, time in & out, and name of the individual and who they are here to see (keep names in order of who arrives first)
  • Knock on the door of the case manager office (or await the opening of the door of the doctor or nurse) to tell them who is here to see them and let client know you have told the person they are there to see and update them on how long they may have to wait
  • Observe boundaries in client interaction, per team and volunteer orientation guidelines
  • Assist case manager with any task they may give you

Impact of Opportunity: The Lobby Attendant helps make Support and Recovery Services a welcoming and efficient place for clients and staff. Also, when clients volunteer in this role, they gain skills and experience serving in an office environment.

Qualifications & Skills Required:

  • Present self appropriately for a work place environment
  • Use quiet voices and talk appropriately and respectfully with any and all staff and clients
  • Keep personal client information (issues, family, medication, address, employment, etc.) confidential
  • Act professionally; Wear clean and acceptable clothing; Arrive on time; Inform the vocational specialist ASAP if you are unable to volunteer on the day of your shift

Training Offered: Catholic Charities Volunteer Orientation & position-specific training

Time Commitment/Schedule: Will serve 2 to 6 hours per week. Scheduling will be dependent on volunteer availability and staff needs. Current available shifts are on Thursday mornings, as well as Tuesday, Thursday & Friday afternoons.


  • Gain experience in a waiting room environment
  • Practice skills related to greeting clients, interacting with staff, keeping confidentiality, and keeping records

Program Contact: Caroline Schnell, (207) 523-4121, cschnell@ccmaine.org

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