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Services to Older Refugees

Elder Services

The focus of this program is to help refugees and asylees age 60 and older gain access to services that meet their needs in a way that is supportive of their overall well being. Funding for this program provides for staff, volunteer management and interpreting services.

Overall there is a focus on helping elders connect to the community. An important program strategy is building collaborations and developing joint programming for refugee and asylee elders across agencies. We foster ongoing working relationships with various state agencies, non-profits, community groups, and ethnic-based community organizations who currently provide both formal and informal services to refugees, asylees and the elderly.

Older Refugee Concerns

• Family loss and separation
• Difficulty in advocating for themselves because of cultural, language or educational barriers

Aging and Illness
• Chronic health and emotional problems stemming from the conditions of refugee flight
• Limited access to appropriate health and social service agencies

Income and Naturalization
• Limited incomes due to life and work histories
• Barriers to meeting requirements for naturalization, especially the English proficiency requirement

Our Services

Elder Services

We guide elder refugees through the process of obtaining United States citizenship.

We provide tutoring in basic functional English and citizenship preparation.

Senior Companion Program
Volunteers are matched with elder refugees for weekly home visits.

Interpreting Services
Our Language Partners service provides interpreters and translation services.

Legal Services
Family reunification, green cards, travel documents and other legal services are available through RIS Legal Services.


All refugees and asylees (granted) age 60 years and older are eligible for Services to Older Refugees.

How You Can Help

Dedicated individuals are encouraged to contact us if they would like to invest some of their time to help refugees connect with the community.

Any and all organizations interested in collaborating with Services to Older Refugees are encouraged and welcome.

Become more involved in your community. Take time to observe and ask elder refugees in your neighborhood if they need assistance with anything.


Contact us for more information or download a brochure.