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December Days:
31 Chances to Win!

December DaysFundraising Calendar 2018


December 1:  Jody Richardson, $50 Olympia Sports Gift Card

December 2:  Imelda LaTulippe, Two passes to the Victoria Mansion in Portland

December 3:  Teresa Bartlett, Meditation Relaxation Kit

December 4:  Rhonda Cobb,Handmade Christmas Lap Quilt

December 5:  John Pyska, $50 LL Bean Gift Card

December 6:  McGregor Bagley, Handcrafted Ornaments (set of 3)

December 7:  P.C. Blauvelt, "Maine in a Mason Jar" 14x20 poster

December 8:  Nick Rico, $50 Olympia Sports Gift Card

December 9:  Brianna Wilson, Two framed, hand-stitched floral pieces

December 10:  Pam Nelson, Golf Gear

December 11:  Jessica Putnam, Handcrafted Ornaments (set of 3)

December 12:  Sherry Ann Dattore, $50 Stonewall Kitchen Gift Card

December 13:  Susan Gillis, $50 Skillins Greenhouse Gift Card

December 14:  Ernest DeCosta, $50 Dunkin' Donuts Gift Card

December 15:  Tom McCarthy, $50 Olympia Sports Gift Card

December 16:  Geraldine, $50 Target Gift Card

December 17:  Charlene Boulais, Two hand-embroidered Christmas Hand Towels & Soaps

December 18:  Donna Wone, $50 Amazon Gift Card

December 19:  France Jean, Handmade Christmas Lap Quilt

December 20:  Jennifer Tarmey, $50 Lowe's Gift Card

December 21:  Scott Briggs, Meditation & Relaxation Kit

December 22:  Brenda Elaine Girardin, $50 Olympia Sports Gift Card

December 23:  Laurie Grimmel, $50 Pottery Barn Gift Card

December 24:  Daryl Simard, Handcrafted Ornaments (set of 3)

December 25:  Lisa Christian, $50 Panera Gift Card

December 26:  Dave Marcello, $50 Bed, Bath & Beyond Gift Card

December 27:  Jim and Joann Finn,$50 Best Buy Gift Card

December 28:  Chris Szalay, Golf Gear

December 29:  Sadie Colby, $50 Olympia Sports Gift Card

December 30:  Chris Merrill, $50 Macy's Gift Card

December 31:  Sammee Beverly Quong, $50 Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card