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December Days:
31 Chances to Win!

December DaysFundraising Calendar 2017


December 1:  Laura Cote, $50 Panera Gift Card

December 2:  Jackie Anderson, $50 Olympia Sports Gift Card

December 3:  Ruth Anne Gagnon, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Passes

December 4:  Kimberly Bantos, Wooden American Tulips

December 5:  Anne Salamone , $50 Pom's Thai Taste Gift Card

December 6:  Cheryl Weymouth, $50 LLBean Gift Card

December 7:  Rachel Grivois, Handcrafted Ornament and Winter Wrap

December 8: Doris Wight, $50 in Amato's Gift Certificates

December 9: Joline LaPerriere, $50 Olympia Sports Gift Card

December 10: Barbara Chamberlain, Perpetual Calendar with Assorted Greeting Cards

December 11: Kevin Huddy, Golf Gift Bag

December 12: Jan LaCroix, Set of 3 Handcrafted Ornaments

December 13: Dorothy Noyes, $50 Toys R Us Gift Card

December 14: Laurie Andrews, Banana Republic Shimmering Necklace

December 15: Rebecca Toliver, $50 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

December 16: Brandi Cox, $50 Olympia Sports Gift Card

December 17: Bonnie Deschaine, $50 Target Gift Card

December 18: David Martin, Baker's Delight Package

December 19: Larry LaBrecque, $50 Amazon Gift Card

December 20: Stacey Clement, Christmas Candy Tote

December 21: Christine Stevens-Sheehan, $50 Lowes Gift Card

December 22: Rick Martin, Amato's Pizza for a Year (one pizza a month for 12 months)

December 23: Emily & Matt Delaney, $50 Olympia Sports Gift Card

December 24: Michele Morin Morrow, $50 Pottery Barn Gift Card

December 25: Barbara Marzilli, Set of 3 Handcrafted Ornaments

December 26: Chris Bagley, $50 Home Depot Gift Card

December 27: Ricky Cyr, $50 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card

December 28: Darlene and Dan Wood, $50 Best Buy Gift Card

December 29: Pomie Costell, $50 Walmart Gift Card

December 30: Bill Flagg, $50 Olympia Sports Gift Card

December 31: Tina Morrison, $50 Macy's Gift Card