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A church-based charitable service “is independent of parties or ideologies, but sees with the heart where love is needed and acts accordingly, utilizing planning, foresight and cooperation with other like-minded institutions.”

(Deus Caritas Est, #31)

With our shared commitment to Gospel values, parishes and Catholic Charities are natural partners. Our mission is to help strengthen local parish communities by making social teachings and social ministry key elements of parish life, so that each parishioner recognizes and fulfills their Baptismal call to be a minister of God’s love and healing to neighbors in need.

Together, we can “live out the Gospel we proclaim and…grow in love with God and neighbor.” (Adapted from Catalysts & Collaborators in Social Ministry: Strategies for Parish Partnerships & Parish Social Ministry in Catholic Charities.)

Why engage in a ministry relationship with Catholic Charities?

Creating a stronger relationship with Catholic Charities can open up a world of possibilities and resources for your parish and its community, such as:

  • The creation of parish-based healing ministries in areas like meeting basic needs, needs of pregnant women and/or those who are suffering from abortion or divorce
  • Training materials and forms to use for assisting people who request assistance, or assistance developing such materials
  • Ongoing consulting to the parish or Social Justice Committee to explore, develop and/or evaluate their social ministries

For more information, call (207) 523-2772 or e-mail [email protected]