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Relief & Hope Services

Catholic Charities Maine Parish Social MinistryWe seek to address the immediate needs of those in a crisis or emergency which often require a small amount of funds to overcome. We hope that the aid we provide will allow you to get back on your feet. We have limited funds to help those in need, so we ask that you only request assistance for those needs which cannot be met by other agencies or community resources.

Since we are unable to fund ongoing or sustained needs, we ask that, in those cases, you contact 2-1-1 and your local community’s general assistance for help.

We know that every situation is different, so we ask that you use the following guidelines to help us assist you in addressing your most immediate needs:

  • Is this a request for a basic and urgent need?
  • Can you provide us with information verifying your situation?
  • How much is the financial need at this time?
  • Will this amount allow you to address your most immediate needs and recover from the event?
  • Have all other possible financial options been tried and exhausted?

Contact [email protected] or call toll-free
at 1-800-781-8550; 207-523-2770.

FAX: 1-207-523-2764