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The Mustard Seed Project

The Mustard Seed ProjectCultivating Communities that Care

Did you know Catholic Charities Maine served more than 50,000 people in Maine last year through its 20+ programs? But we cannot do it alone. Just as the parable of the mustard seed demonstrates that great things can come from humble beginnings, we believe that even small steps, made by a few, can have a lasting impact in our communities.

Inspired by scripture and the Church’s social teaching, Catholic Charities empowers and strengthens individuals and families of all faiths by providing innovative community-based social services throughout Maine. If you are inspired to give more, do more, be more we invite you to join us!

Who Can Help?

Parishes, schools, and socially-conscious clubs and organizations are encouraged to learn more about our work and help us continue to provide help and create hope for Mainers in need.

How You Can Help:

There are many turnkey projects that can engage volunteers and have a true and meaningful impact upon those we serve. Some examples include:

  • Hosting a clothing drive for one of our four Threads of Hope thrift stores
  • Collecting food for our Food Bank in Aroostook County
  • Hosting a bake sale to raise funds for our Relief & Hope program
  • Host an event to hear stories from newly re-settled refugees about their experiences and consider participating in our mentoring program

The Mustard Seed ProjectHow to Plant the Seed in Your Community:

If you are interested in partnering with us or if you have a new idea you’d like to share, please contact us. We can provide representatives to educate your group on our services and programs; provide tool kits for implementation and offer ongoing support throughout your Mustard Seed Project efforts.

For more information, call Michael Smith, Director of Mission at (207) 523-2772 or e-mail [email protected].