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Spotlight on Service

A “priceless” experience


RIS Mentor
Refugee and Immigration Services


Substance Abuse & Mental Health Counseling Services

Classroom Volunteer (former Intern)
St. Louis Child Development Center

Outpatient Team Member
St. Francis Recovery Center

Visitation Volunteer
SEARCH - Greater Bath

Affidavit of Relationship Coordinator
Refugee & Immigration Services (RIS)

Music Activity Leader
St. Elizabeth's Child Development Center

Case Aide
Refugee & Immigration

Visitation Volunteer

Relief & Hope Volunteer
Parish Social Ministry

Intake Intern
Support & Recovery

Donations Processor
Portland Thrift Store


“I became a SEARCH - Greater Bath volunteer after my elderly relatives had passed … I became more aware of their need to maintain their independence, quality of life and dignity. I also recognized that at times it is very difficult for family members to help support their elderly alone. I have been matched with two women who are now 91 & 92 years old for two years. Their appreciation for the assistance I provide them is always sincere and heartfelt. They are so very grateful to be able to stay in their own homes with their pets. It gives me great pleasure to have such a positive impact in their lives. I enjoy hearing their stories of the past and learning more about their lives. In one word describing my relationship with both of these ladies: “priceless!” – SEARCH - Greater Bath Volunteer
“I’m enjoying my client. At times I don’t know who the client is – me or her. She has shown me how to make slippers. It is very rewarding.” – SEARCH Visitation Volunteer
“Portland Thrift Store Volunteer” – I was interested in making a difference in my community and found out this type of work is the best match for my skills.
“After my own divorce, I participated in a session of Divorce & Beyond. I found it so helpful and supportive during this difficult time. I made the decision to become trained as a facilitator.” – Divorce & Beyond Group Facilitation Volunteer
“I meet with my mentee, a 21-year-old refugee from Iraq, once a week. We have discussed her employment goals, financial goals, and her transition here to the United States…I enjoy learning more about her values and beliefs.” – Refugee & Immigration Services (RIS) Mentor