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Office of Maine Refugee Services


Inza Ouattara, State Refugee Health Coordinator
[email protected]
Cell: (207) 560-7847

Jessica Shell, Manager of the Division of Budgeting, Contracts and Admin.
[email protected]
Cell: (207) 245-8107

Karen Balicki, OMRS Compliance Specialist
[email protected]
Cell: (207) 245-0414

Shervin Sabeti, State Refugee Data Specialist
[email protected]
Cell: (207) 405-1060

Bernard Katende, Refugee Mental Health Care Coordinator
[email protected]
Cell: (207) 272-8559

Marina Chakmakchi, GEAR Project Manager
[email protected]
Cell: (207) 274-3572

Shukri Abdirahman, GEAR Project Specialist - Augusta Office 
[email protected] 
Cell: 207) 387-5249

Michele Kouanzoua, GEAR Project Specialist - Biddeford  Office
[email protected]
Cell: (207) 405-8704

Omar Mahdi, GEAR Project Specialist - Biddeford Office
[email protected]
Cell: (207) 405-8900