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Learn More About the Afghan Placement and Assistance Program

APA Program Updates

Week of November 8th:

Week of October 4th:

While no arrivals have come this week, preparations to date include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Afghans being resettled in Maine?

Afghans resettled under the Afghan Placement and Assistance (APA) Program do not hold Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) nor are they classified as refugees. They are persons who may have worked for a non-governmental organization, in the media, or for a non-profit whose alliance with the United States makes it too dangerous for them to remain in Afghanistan. 

While they will have to apply for asylum, they differ from traditional asylum seekers in that they will arrive with work authorization papers and have completed a medical screening at one of the U.S. military bases.

How many people from Afghanistan will be resettled in Maine?

Catholic Charities Maine expects to resettle 67-100 people from Afghanistan under the APA program through March 2022.

The number of Afghan arrivals with Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) status is more difficult to predict and is unknown at this time.

The United States overall has approved 50,000 people from Afghanistan for resettlement through March 2022.  Once resettled in the United States, any citizen is free to move as they wish i.e. to reunite with family or pursue career opportunities.

What services will Catholic Charities provide through the APA program?

Catholic Charities will provide 90 days of services to APA program participants to facilitate their resettlement in Maine, including housing, education, employment support along with providing cultural orientation.

Individuals arriving as SIVs will be entitled to the same range of services as refugees, which are similar to those available to APAs but have an eligibility period of 5 years rather than 90 days.

When will the people from Afghanistan arrive in Maine?

At this time CCM has not been given a projected timeline for arrivals.  Typically CCM is notified 10 days in advance of refugee arrivals. 

Where will the people from Afghanistan be resettled in Maine?

CCM expects to resettle Afghanistan arrivals in areas with affordable housing, job opportunities, public transportation and access to English language education. . For these reasons, Biddeford, Westbrook, Lewiston/Auburn and Augusta are cities we are exploring for Afghan arrivals.

How many people from Afghanistan are currently living in Maine?

While CCM has no way of knowing who from Afghanistan currently resides in Maine, the Agency has resettled 105 refugees from Afghanistan since 2013.