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Naturalization Tutor for Older Refugees

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80 Sherman Street
Portland, ME 04101

The SOR Naturalization Tutor will work directly with refugees 60 years of age and older with varying levels of English proficiency. We focus on the unique needs of older refugees whose age and health often significantly impact their ability to prepare for the naturalization process. 


Through naturalization tutoring, older refugees will become familiar with the pathway to citizenship. The Naturalization Tutor will provide support to improve their English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in preparation for their naturalization interview and exams. The Naturalization Tutor will provide tutoring in civics and US history at a pace comfortable to older refugees so they can successfully meet naturalization requirements.


The Naturalization Tutor will seek to increase the confidence of older refugees as adult learners and to reduce anxiety about the naturalization process, creating a safe, supportive learning environment.


Key Responsibilities:


Impact of Opportunity:

The SOR Naturalization Tutor will improve the quality of life of older refugees by helping them make permanent connections to their new home.  The SOR Naturalization Tutor will embody the CCM core value of “hospitality” by “welcoming the most vulnerable and in need to an environment of dignity, safety, warmth and a sense of being home.” The efforts of the SOR Naturalization Tutor will help older refugees meet naturalization requirements to become fellow US citizens.  


Qualifications & Skills Required:


Training Offered:


Time Commitment & Schedule: 2 hours per week for 12 months, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm




Program Contact: Tracy Moore, LCSW Services to Older Refugees Coordinator 207-232-1600


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